"The Tank" Retro Style Pro Arcade Stick

"The Tank" Retro Style Pro Arcade Stick
$60.00 VIC
Very Good Postage: $18.00
PlayStation 3
Listed - 08/02/2013
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This arcade stick was purchased 3 years ago, where I played with it for a solid 3 months and have hardly used it since.

It's DAMN HEAVY. The casing is solid metal and is rugged as guts, hence the name "The Tank". There are suction cups on the underside so you can stick it to your table.

As an arcade stick, this is the best I've ever used. All of the components are professional grade and sound/feel beautiful. I bought this for SF4, but I'm sure most PS3 fight games would go well with this.

I am more than happy to arrange pick-up/drop-off, as postage will be a bitch due to the weight. I'm based in Melbourne, with most metro areas being reasonable for me to come to.

The stick connects to the PS3 via a USB cable.

More pics can be found at imgur.com/...
Tags: Hardware Retro


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can you send it to ITALY?
how much is it?
thanks a lot.

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