Sony PS Vita WiFi, 4gig memory card and 6 games

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Sony PS Vita WiFi, 4gig memory card and 6 games
$300.00 NSW
Like New Postage: $10.00
PlayStation 3
Listed - 12/12/2012
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Seller MicDaMan 41,080 XP 27 items sold
Sony PS Vita Wifi version with 4gig memory card, 6 games and case
Games include: Uncharted, Resistance, Rayman, Unit 16, Mod Nation Racers (NEW), Little Deviants (NEW).
Excellent condition, has had screen proctor on it since day dot.
Box, charger and manual included. Also has a carry case for the console plus holds 8 games. I will reset it to factory settings so it will be like new!

Updated by seller Sat, 15 Dec 2012 19:26
$350 posted insured

Updated by seller Mon, 31 Dec 2012 11:48
$300 plus postage :0(


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Haha, you're a day late Mic. Gonna get a WiiU tomorrow instead.
Good luck with the sale :)
My offer still stands if you get desperate Mic :) $350 posted and insured !!!!!
$300 posted.

I don't really want one, but want to help you out Mic :P
Dude save your money for Pokemonz!!!!
Ew, Resistance... I'm sure it's great <span class="emotions emo8">;)</span>

Up for some trades + cash Mic? Sorry Matt, I needz the moneyz. It's the only reason I am selling it. I would rather keep it *Sad face*

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