Sega Saturn - Sega Dreamcast

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Sega Saturn - Sega Dreamcast
$280.00 NSW
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PlayStation 3
Listed - 19/12/2012
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Seller MicDaMan 41,080 XP 27 items sold
Sega Saturn with 1 normal controller, 1 Fat 3D controller and games (Discs only). NO POWER cable. (These are cheap from ebay)
Virtura Fighter 2
Black Dawn
Tempest 2000
Hi Octane
Sega Ages Vol 1 with After Burner II, Outrun, Space Harrier
Firestorm: Thunder Hawk 2
Worlwide Soccer 97

$160 posted

Sega Dreamcast.
Dreamcast has 4 controllers (2 bnib), VMU, and 6 games..(2 are retail and 4 are promos discs, 3 with non retail covers) all work perfectly. Also dreamcast has powercord.

$210 posted and insured !!!

Updated by seller Tue, 01 Jan 2013 16:15
$280 the lot (Saturn and Dreamcast) POSTED!!!!!


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do you need to get a stepdown converter since they are uk consoles? No stepdown required. Any figure eight power lead will do. I used the same power lead for both consoles. Cheers
They are both from the UK. The Dreamcast belonged to a games development company :0)
Are both consoles Australian or do they come from the UK?

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