Nintendo GameCube games +

Nintendo GameCube games +
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Listed - 08/03/2013
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Making way for the future and ****.

All games are PAL, complete and are sweet condition

Offers please. Melbourne city pick-up is only.

The following games are NOT FOR SALE...

All of the Wii games
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how much is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life? $30
how much is the harvest moon games? Huh, there's only one HM game?
Bloody Roar/Lost Kingdoms and RE4 still available? Yes, they are~

-How much?

The Super-Rare Double Pack is $100, because it's, well...Super-Rare.

RE4 is $50
Grrr I want Rogue Leader Sorry, I sold it on another site for a dollar.
But if you really want to get your hands on a copy I saw a few of them at Highpoint Game Traders going for 30 bucks each.
RE4 available? If so, how much? Not sure?...but I just looked up the Aussie PAL (non-European or UK) versions on eBay to see how much they're going for and I guess I should sell it for $50.

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